Welcome aboard, my friend.

You, like me, appear to be Startlingly Awesome and Refreshingly Modest.

Much like the side-splittingly hilarious title of this newsletter, the world is a contradiction. It is both much smaller than it has ever been (almost anyone or anything you want to know is just a click away!) and much larger (there’s way too much information in way too many places; you don’t know what’s useful and what’s garbage; everyone seems to have an agenda; your Facebook feed is now mostly memes).

I have unhealthy compulsion to sort through it all. Startlingly Awesome and Refreshingly Modest (SARM) is my gift to you. As the world hurtles relentlessly through space, I sift through the informational detritus in its wake, putting aside this tasty morsel or that delicious deep dive for myself. And as I collect and consume, I take what sticks and send it to your inbox, along with some context and the reasons why you might want to take the time to read or watch or listen.

What’s in an issue of SARM?

I cannot promise a consistent set of topics. When this began, there was a lot of marketing advice. I have dabbled in self-improvement and armchair philosophy. When coronavirus hit, there was a lot of attempting to sift through the conflicting information and find the truth.

What I can promise is that in any one issue, there will be at least one thing you haven’t seen before that will whet your informational appetite and get your brain going in a new direction.

I aim for one issue per week, but often accomplish less.

You will receive updates straight to your inbox, but you can also check out newsletter.donnieclapp.com for past issues and other writing.

Oh, and do follow me on Twitter or, better yet, Mastodon if you have a second.

— Donnie

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