Here's What He Should Have Said Instead.
SARM #13, in which I finally deliver on the whole "frisson" thing...
Startlingly Awesome & Refreshingly Modest #12...will give you chills.
I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.
Well, I guess we need to talk about coronavirus again. I don't wanna, but I gotta. And yes, that's a Naked Gun reference. You're welcome.
I'm baaaaaaaaack! [Insert sweet guitar riff]
Well, it’s been six months. A few things have changed. I stopped being Inntopia’s Director of Marketing and am now doing marketing consulting for only …
The other day, one of my kids came running out into the living room and told us (breathlessly, in his best tattle tale soprano) that the other kid had …
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Startlingly Awesome & Refreshingly Modest