Here's What He Should Have Said Instead.
SARM #13, in which I finally deliver on the whole "frisson" thing...
Startlingly Awesome & Refreshingly Modest #12...will give you chills.
I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.
Well, I guess we need to talk about coronavirus again. I don't wanna, but I gotta. And yes, that's a Naked Gun reference. You're welcome.
I'm baaaaaaaaack! [Insert sweet guitar riff]
Well, it’s been six months. A few things have changed. I stopped being Inntopia’s Director of Marketing and am now doing marketing consulting for only…
The other day, one of my kids came running out into the living room and told us (breathlessly, in his best tattle tale soprano) that the other kid had…
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Startlingly Awesome & Refreshingly Modest